Pillow case customize,pillow case under 11

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Pillow case customize,Current pillowcase,useful cotton cloth,cotton polyester and man-made dietary fiber sew pillowcase, permeability and moisture absorption sex are very great,and won't irritate the pores and skin. Modern people also like to use man made fibre pillowcases,also known as organic egypt pillowcases,egypt is normally a good thing,provides many status such as dietary fiber double,gentle gold. Even more than 97 percent of cotton includes animal protein and is rich in 18 important amino acids. raise the energy of pores and skin cellular material. Pillow Cases Sale

Hare Throw Pillow CaseHare Throw Pillow Case

Pure cotton materials:Organic flower fiber,no irritation in get in touch with with pores and skin,great for human body. It offers good dampness absorption,atmosphere permeability,smooth and comfy,exceptional test overall performance,great dyeing efficiency,good stain level of resistance,strong alkali resistance,poor acidity level of resistance,good heat level of resistance,good light resistance,poor elasticity,simple to wrinkle,easy to mold, pillow case under 11.

Pillow case to protect hair,Pure cotton:Gorgeous and wealthy appearance,natural soft light and glistening impact. It feels extremely gentle and straight.

pillow cover dust mite.

Pillow cover velvet,